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In early 1981, Stu Reid created the first issue of Bruceness, The E Street Press. There were a number of other Springsteen fanzines out there at the time, notably Dan French's Point Blank and Dave Percival's The Fever in the UK, and Charles Cross' Backstreets in the U.S. Bruceness was, and remains, the only Canadian Bruce fanzine. Noted Springsteen biographer and music writer, Dave Marsh, once said of Springsteen fanzines, "Bruceness is the best of them all by far, if only because of the cheek."

Bruceness' reign of Bruce-nerd periodicals only lasted for one more issue, with #2 coming out in the spring of 1983. While The River had brought Springsteen to the forefront of the rock scene, he was on the verge of exploding into pop culture in a way that was certainly deserved, but intimidating to say the least to an introverted kid still living in his parent's house who wasn't sure he wanted to share his hero with a stadium full of jocks and straights. So that was it for Bruceness. Stu had already accomplished the only real goal of the whole enterprise anyway: he met a girl. They just celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary and their 9 year old daughter has already been to 4 Springsteen concerts (all on seperate tours!).

Stu's obsession with music in general and Bruce in particular never stopped though and his current outlet is hosting a weekly roots-oriented radio show called TwangTrust, on Winnipeg's campus/community radio station CKUW. Fourteen years strong, TwangTrust is routinely the #1 most pledged-to show every February during the station's annual fundrive. Often heavy with Bruce content, TwangTrust has recently began incorporating a special Bruce-dedicated hour within the show called - what else - Bruceness: Fanzine Radio.

Bruceness #1: September 11, 2013
The urban/hip hop influence on the music of Bruce Springsteen.
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Bruceness #2: September 18, 2013
Features on Bruce Tribute Songs, Foreign Language Bruceness and a glutenous look at 10th Avenue Freeze-Out.
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Be The Boss
Your ol' pal Stu hosted an episode of "Be The Boss" on Sirius/XM's E Street Radio. During his "Live From E Street Nation: show, noted Springsteen authority Dave Marsh, called this episode "tremendous" and "just great". And he was right!
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The Egging - 10th Anniversary Edition View Playlist
Do you know about The Egging? You probably should. 2013 marked the 10th anniversary of the craziest week of Stu Reid's life.
TwangTrust celebrated in style.

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